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fwd-thinking club music!

NORA (Brasil)
VEINE (bienvenue au club, Strasbourg) b2b NIGHTMANAGER (snd/rtn sound, Basel)
LORD SOFT (Wurld, Basel)
JANIV ORON (Sais Records, Basel)

Creator of fast-paced beats, NORA has a wide and eclectic repertoire, mixing different styles with mastery. The DJ is already a great highlight in the national scene, participating in events such as Mamba Negra and ODD in São Paulo and the Rio party KODE with its energetic sets that move between different frantic styles.

NORA is a great exponent of the national underground scene and has been gaining ground internationally, representing the Brazilian sound with excellence. The DJ adds sets for the Boiler Room Hard Dance, and for NTS and The Lot Radio, renowned international streams. As a producer, she collects releases on several international labels, such as the Korean Scramble and Drill, from Serbia, in addition to national releases by ZONA, BICUDA, Low Income Squad and Macro Hits.

Her EP “Miss u Raving” drew attention for bringing fluidity between different genres of electronic music, moving from Jungle and Breakcore to popular Hardtechno. In addition to Miss u Raving, NORA also released the ep JUMP, again mixing techno with jungle and other hard beats.

In addition to being a dj and music producer, NORA is also the owner of ARENA, an underground party in Rio de Janeiro famous for having a queer, lively crowd and strong lineups.

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